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Installations created by Malwina Antoniszczak
Exhibition design: Malwina Antoniszczak in cooperation with Monika Bielak
Curator: Mateusz Werner
Producer: Monika Derenda

Exhibition in Gothenburg
On Saturday, 22 November, at 1 pm, the Emigranternas Hus (The House of the Emigrants) in Gothenburg hosted the opening of the exhibition “March 68. Farewells and Returns”. There were nearly 150 guests, among them Michał Czyż, the Ambassador of the Republic of Poland to Sweden; Joerg Linder, Mayor of Gothenburg; Jarosław Jasiński, the Consul of the Republic of Poland in Malmö; Katarzyna Tubylewicz, Director of the Polish Institute in Stockholm; Piotr Kiszkiel, councillor of Gothenburg on behalf of the Liberal People's Party and Roger Bodin, Director of Emigranternas Hus. Among the guests there were also numerous representatives of Polish March emigrants, other emigrants, Swedish journalists, representatives of cultural and political institutions, as well as students. The participants of the documentary workshop were represented by Abigail Liebman and Grzegorz Brzozowski, as well as Poldek Sobel, one of the tutors, and Mateusz Werner, the curator of the exhibition. The author of the exhibition project is Malwina Antoniszczak. Together with the employees of Emigranternas Hus she arranged the big and challenging space of this institution in the record time of three days. We have been informed that the exhibition attracts several dozen people a day. On 26 November, Tobias Billström, the Minister for Migration and Asylum Policy visited the exhibition and was greatly impressed. We are very grateful to Piotr Kiszkiel, who helped us locate the exhibition in Emigranternas Hus and supervised its organization. Our main partner was the Polish Institute in Stockholm which contributed many ideas, apart from providing financial and organizational help. We also wish to thank Katarzyna Tubylewicz and Halina Goldfarb.


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