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Group Exhibition, Danish Museum of Art & Design, Copenhagen, Denmark 2009
Exhibition stands for Glass sculptures designed by Malwina Antoniszczak

You can’t escape from fashion! by Anita Bialic, the curator, Galeria BB
Gianni Versace, the famous Italian clothing designer known for his unique interpretations, thought that art and fashion had to intermingle. If it hadn’t been for his sudden death at the hands of a madman, would he have designed a collection made of glass?!
“Glass-a-porter”- glass fashion and glass inspired by fashion. Decorative dresses, gowns, female lingerie... Bags, slippers, tights with fancy frills… Jewellery, perfume bottles… And beautiful models, of course! All made of glass… 10 Polish glass artists have unleashed their imaginations, and with their glass-making experience, this challenging material transforms itself in their hands (and their firing ovens) into extraordinary creations. This clothing “stitched” from glass creates an extremely original collection. Haute couture or prêt-à-porter? One-off commissions or serial production? Haute couture for its extravagance, because it’s hand-made, one-of-a-kind. A staggering richness of styles, decorations and colours. Absolutely unique.
Or perhaps rather prêt-à-porter, because it won’t cost you a fortune. Anyone can afford to buy a piece from this collection, a real work of art.
“I don’t design clothes, I design dreams”, Ralph Lauren, the great American designer, has said in one of his interviews.
Were it not for dreams, the “Glass-a-porter” collection would never have existed. Incredible games with fashion, and in fashion. Incredible for the fact that, for the first time, tailor-designers are working with glass.
You can’t escape from fashion! You can’t get bored with fashion!
Come see “Glass-a-porter”!


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