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Edward Dwurnik. Madness
March23rd - June 9th 2013, National Musuem Kraków
Exhibition design: Malwina Antoniszczak, Monika Bielak
Curator: Dominik Kuryłek
Coordinator: Beata Foremna

Crooked people raise up crooked buildings and see crookedly - complete osmosis.  - extract from "Who will get you moving. Edward Dwurnik and Polish extreme sports" by Łukasz Gorczyca and Michał Kaczyński

Inspired by Gorczyca and Kaczyński's text as well as Dominik Kuryłek curatorial text "Edward Dwurnik Madness" we've tried to capture the image of the "Polish civilisation of madness" portrayed in Dwurnik's art. As the main design motive we've chosen the neverending, crooked, polish construction work process. The provisional world. We kept all the division walls raw with visible joints. All the text were printed on construction  panels and standing as if they were left in the Museum by construction workers.


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