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Remember the Gardens
Artboom Festival Kraków
A discussion on the subject of the right to a city has been going on in many places in the world – from the Latin America through the Western Europe to India. Whom and to what purpose should the city public space serve – private or particular interest or the needs of all inhabitants? Who and how should decide on it? What does it mean in practice that the city space is public? Is the private ownership of few a more important value than fulfilment of basic everyday needs of most of the inhabitants, such as provision of meeting places, recreation environment, comfortable and environment-friendly transport?
 The opening of the exhibition
Those fantastic bubbles inside the pulsating lymphocytes
 Creative workshop for children organized by Bunkier Sztuki Kraków and run by Malwina and Sabina Antoniszczak, daughters of Julian Antoniszczak. The workshop presents an innovative art technique called "plazmotwory" invented by Julian Antoniszczak.
Julian Antoniszczak Anniversary in BOMBA Kraków
Film about Julian Antoniszczak
"How Antoniszczak made his world"

Part 1
Part 2

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